Sunday, September 21, 2008

Wedding Drama Can Be Avoided!

Misunderstandings happen and they happen a lot
in wedding planning. Misunderstandings
can all be avoided with more communication
and less assumptions. So much drama. Who
needs drama? Isn't that why we have Hollywood?

I was at the Cleveland and Detroit baseball game in
Cleveland when the fight broke out between the
teams. The batter got hit by a pitch, took the bat
with him to first base and ended up charging the
pitchers mound. And all hell broke lose.

The same thing happens in wedding planning. There's
a misunderstanding somewhere along the line. Someone
doesn't make them self clear and hell breaks lose.
The drama starts to flow and churn and fester.

Bridesmaid Drama:
The bridesmaid hates her dress. The bride takes it
personally. Its an affront to her personal taste,
style and wedding plans. Friendships fracture.
The truth may be that the bridesmaid hates her dress
because the style makes her look like a tank or
a doll in a wedding cake. Its not the bride she's
upset with, its the style of dress she dislikes. Or she
may just be upset with her own figure flaws. The other
bridesmaids look great in that style. Just not her and
she can't take in her ribs to make the style work for
her. Its a miscommunication, it becomes a huge

It can all be avoided with honesty in the beginning.
Sorry, I can't wear this style of dress because it
doesn't flatter me and I'm uncomfortable in it.
Can we please shop for a style that flatters all of us?
This honesty stops all misunderstandings before
they start. The bride knows where the maid stands.
The maid has made known her reservations over the

Vendor Drama:
To avoid misunderstandings with vendors, read the
fine print before you sign anything. Ask questions.
And ask more if you aren't sure you are on the same
page. And maybe if you aren't on the same page,
this isn't your vendor. And ask for references and
contact the references with your questions. Drama
averted. Think before you sign!!

Sometimes wedding drama is created for the effect.
Drama for drama's sake.
I need the spotlight on my wedding at all times
so I create drama. I'm the bride, its my day and
I want it my way. Or because I'm the bride, that's why!
Total drama. Roll with it, its
one day, the marriage is a lifetime.

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