Thursday, October 16, 2008

Bridal Bling Jewelry Makes the Wedding Dress Pop

I invited to a private trunk show
by the designer of Bridal Bling Jewelry to introduce
her couture line of affordable and unusual wedding
jewelry. I've got to tell you, it totally blew me away.

I see wedding jewelry ALL the time and its the same
old same old. Yawn. Some of it is just plain junky and
looks like some cheap import that should be sold in a
dollar store.

I was expecting the same old, but for the first time in a
long time, I really got excited about wedding jewelry.
Bridal Bling Jewelry is different! Its not called bling
for no reason. This is some serious sparkle.

This jewelry is all hand made and designed in the USA.
Each piece serves to bring some sparkle into the brides
eyes and bring the focus onto her face. Today's dress styles
are simpler and need something in the neck area that
doesn't disappear when the bride puts it on. She needs some
sparkle. This line does the trick.

I can't say what I liked more because I liked them all.
All the girls in the shop gave it the thumbs up and they
are all ages from young hip fashionistas to grandmas.
We never agree on anything, but we all wanted a piece
for our own. The fashionista said she'd wear them after
any wedding and she'd even wear them to work.

I fell in love with this piece. It spoke to me. I might need it.
Note to husband: Good Christmas present, hint, hint. ;)
I would wear it with a black sweater because I own more
black sweaters than anyone in the universe. I'd wear it
to work. I'd wear it when I did a fashion show. I'd wear
it to Vegas. I'd wear it as a signature piece because
its different. I got into the healing powers of
crystals when I was in Sedona, Arizona and got hooked on
them. This is an amazing crystal and in my mind, its
calming and healing. And every bride and everyone
who puts in time in a bridal salon needs calming. ;)

If you are a destination bride
then check out this piece under the Island bride
category. It has a crystal starfish and the back
has a back drape with more crystals. Its PERFECT
for low back dresses. Every time you wear it,
you'll transport back to the beach. I LOVE IT!!
Its way more dazzling in person.

Check out the site, Bridal Bling Jewelry.
I feel like I discovered something really
exciting for my brides! And that doesn't happen
very often....

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