Saturday, October 11, 2008

Why Do Wedding Dresses Run Small?

Wedding dresses run smaller in comparison to our
everyday clothing. Our everyday clothing has
easing built into them. Easing is that wiggle room we have in
our clothes. Wedding dresses are cut to fit directly to
the body. There is no easing in the dress. If there were,
you would have a sloppy fit, the top wouldn't stay up
and you'd be totally unhappy with the fit. And yes, it WOULD
make your hips look big. ;)

Wedding dresses are cut according to each manufacturers
size chart. There is no standardization between manufacturers.
If you are a size 10 in one line, you could be a 14 in another.
Its frustrating for the bride, its doubly frustrating for the
bridal consultant who has to learn the fit of each line of dresses
and keep track of each size chart. And she has to explain
to you the difference in sizing and you don't hear a word she's
saying...all you can think is "I'm fat!"

The bridal salons have for years asked for standardization of
size charts. It will never happen because each designer has
a different idea of "ideal size". They use a fit model that sizes
exactly to their size chart. And these size charts are archaic.
Today's women has a larger waistline than 40 years ago, even
those in amazing physical shape. In order to fit the waist, you
have to size up in the dress.

It would be hugely expensive to standardize sizing because each
dress in EVERY manufacturers line would have to be recut and
redesigned. Plus there would be a lot of confusion between the
customer who tries on the dress store's original sample and the
new size chart. The manufacturers make the bridal salon pay for
every dress they carry in stock. They have a small fortune
hanging on their dress racks. The bridal salon can't afford to
invest more money in new samples of dresses they already
have in their store. And the manufacturers aren't going to replace
the dress for free.Its just too expensive to redo sizing for everyone.

But all is not lost. Some manufacturers have been working on
making dresses closer to women's real measurements. Mon Cheri
revamped their sizing charts a few years ago. Eden redid their
sizing in 2005 and Alfred Angelo is redoing their sizing now.

What should you, the bride, do when shopping for a wedding
dress?Stop looking at size. Size is only a number so you can
zip the dress.Order the size that fits your body and don't
stress over the number.Its not going to be posted on your
bee-hind as you walk down the aisle. Only you and the bridal
consultant will know, and trust me,she doesn't care. She just
wants your dress to fit you.

Shop for a dress that makes you look fabulous, feel fabulous and
makes you feel beautiful. Forget about the number on the
inside tag. And if it will make you feel better, when your dress
arrives, have your seamstress remove the size tag.

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