Monday, October 20, 2008

Bridezillas, Cops Without The Arrest

Watching Bridezillas on WE TV: its like Cops without an
arrest. You have lying, deceit, fighting, wrestling,
foul language and denying any wrongdoing. I sat
through 3 or 4 mind numbing episodes last night.
Why? Because not a day goes by when I'm asked if I've
ever dealt with a Bridezilla. I've always said yes.
But I've never ever dealt with a bad bride of
this magnitude.

If I had a nickel for every time I head the
Bridezilla say "Its MY day!", I'd be heading to
Vegas with the money. They never mention the groom.
Isn't it his day, too? Or is he just an accessory
to HER day?

And speaking of Mr. Bridezilla, why do they
put up with the treatment they get by Bridezilla?
Are they so desperate for a mate that they
take this crap? Or do they need to be dominated?
I don't get it. I'd like to send them a pair
of track shoes and tell them to run. But
that's just me. They'll figure it out eventually.

If I had a daughter who spoke to me like some
of those lil' sweeties, well, lets just say
they'd be in a world of hurt. She wouldn't be
getting married on my dime. Has respect just
gone out of the window because "Its MY day!"?

I've always thought these gals played to the
camera, but after seeing the complete episodes,
I'm not sure. I wonder how much cash they
get for allowing themselves to be portrayed in
such an unflattering light. Anyone know?
Its almost like the footage could be used
as evidence in a divorce court. It can't be
enough money for the footage to live in
digital forever land to come back to haunt them
in the future.

I've dealt with Bridezillas in the bridal salon,
but never met a bad bride like the ones on the show.

I had a bridezilla accuse me of being rude because
I asked the children who were flower girls
accompanying the bride to stop please jumping on the
train of her wedding dress. She needed
bleeps to express her displeasure with me. She told
me if the dress was damaged or dirty, it would just
be up to me to fix or clean it. They knocked over
mannequins and slid down the steps on their stomachs.
Someone definitely had too much sugar. The bride said
they were expressing themselves. Yeah, express
yourself somewhere else. I don't need it.

Well, the little darlings came for a fitting on their
flower girl dresses and jumped in them on the platforms
until they tore their dresses. They jumped so hard,
they knocked a track light out of a lighting track.
We just let them go at it, because as the bride
pointed out to me in one of her previous screamfests:
"you are insured".

The bride broke into hysterical tears and told me
that those lil' darlings were out of control and
going to ruin her wedding. Like it took you 6 months
and a lot of screaming at me to figure it out. She
never apologized, but we all secretly hoped they
trashed the wedding.

Yeah, life in a bridal salon is interesting.
I'm going to share some stories with you.

In the meantime, don't even THINK of being
a Bridezilla! If you think you could be
turning into a Bridezilla, take the test.

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