Sunday, October 19, 2008

Dear WZ, Should My Fiance Wear an Engagement Ring?

Dear Weddingzilla,
Should my fiance wear an engagement ring?
If I do, shouldn't he?
Diamond Girl

Dear Diamond Girl,
Tradition is that only the woman wears an
engagement ring. Its only been recently that
some men wanted to wear engagement rings. But
I stress that MOST do not wear them.
The trend started by jewelers. Think about

The men's engagement rings I've seen are
very expensive and some resemble women's
wedding sets. I'm wondering if some of them
are intended for commitment ceremonies.

I'm guessing that you want him to wear a ring
and he doesn't want to wear a ring. If that's
the case, don't force him. There are a lot of
married men and women who don't wear wedding
rings but they are 100% married and faithful.

What are your reasons for wanting him to
wear a ring? Are you marking your territory?
Do you think it will scare away predatory
females? If that's what you think, you
are in for a big surprise. The ring won't
do it. You have to trust him, because
successful marriages are built on trust.

I personally have never known a guy to
wear an engagement ring and I meet thousands
of couples a year. But if both of you
agree, then go for it.

Men have a lot of reasons for not wanting
to wear rings. As women, we think its because
they don't want to look taken. But a lot of
times its for practical reasons, wearing a
ring could be hazardous in their line of
work if they work around machinery. Men just
aren't as into jewelry as we women are. And
I'm sure, its never crossed his mind.

You can buy him an engraved tungsten bracelet
with your names and wedding date engraved on
it. Or an engraved money clip. There are
alternatives. Or have his finger tattooed.

If he loves you enough to spend the rest of
his life with you and he's bought you a ring,
he's committed to you.

Have a happy wedding!

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