Thursday, November 20, 2008

Are You Changing Your Name After The Wedding?

Join in the debate. Are you changing your
name after the wedding? Are you keeping
your maiden name or are you using the
hyphen as in Maiden-HisLastName?

This is a question most professional women
wrestle with when they decide to marry.
You are established in their profession
with your maiden name. Changing to his
name can cause confusion. Doggoneit, you've
worked hard to establish yourself, will you
lose your identity if you use his name?
And if you keep their maiden name, what name
will they give your children? Will it cause
confusion and teasing by other kids at school
if mom has a different last name than dad?

If you decide to use the big hyphen, will the
names be a mouthful together? Or do they
flow nicely?

Many professional women decide to use their
maiden name for business and their married
name for everything else. The kids get the
married family name.

Its confusing and its a big decision. It also throws
a monkey wrench in the works if HE has a strong
opinion. I know when I married that it was so
confusing. I kept my maiden name for work and
my married name for everything else. There was
actually one day where I sat down and said
"Who am I? I'm so confused". I was also looked
at suspiciously when I pulled out a credit card and
drivers license and it didn't match the name on the
check book. Eventually, I hyphenated and
I became known by both names.

Changing all the legal forms was a royal PIA.
It took HOURS and hours and a lot of forms.

If you are going to change your name, I came across
a major time saver. There is a service that will help
you change your name after the wedding and submit
all the forms for you. I wish I had this service when
I got married. I still remember sitting in offices
for freaking evah to show my IDs and sign forms.
This is a true Godsend for new brides. Check it
MissNowMrs Online Name Change Service


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