Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Dear Weddingzilla, Wedding Questions and Answers

You have wedding questions, I have
wedding answers. Keep them coming,
email your questions to

Here are the latest from my e-mail bag.

Dear Weddingzilla,
I'm having a hard time trying to figure
out a hairstyle for my wedding. I clip pics
out of the bridal magazines and don't know how
they will look on me. I'm afraid to take a chance.

Dear Helpppppppp!!,
There is a really cool site called the
Hair Styler that will show how you look
in different hairstyles and with different hair
colors. They have a whole area of wedding hair
styles. They have a free area and a member area.
Its $14.95 for three months and its a lot of fun.
I actually tried it myself and found a way cool
style that I was afraid to try. I just uploaded
my photo and clicked until I was happy.

Print out what you want and take it to your
hairstylist and have a practice session with
your tiara and veil. You'll be picture perfect
on your wedding day.

Here's the link:
Looking for a bridal hair style? View
yourself in various wedding hair styles


Dear WZ,
I can't find a dress for my junior maid who
is 12. She's too old for a flower girl dress
and too small to fit into a bridesmaid dress.
Thanks, Ash

Hi, Ash,
Twelve is a really hard age because she's in the
in between stage and she's been largely ignored until
lately. Your only recourse in the past was to cut
down the smallest bridesmaid dress or have it made.
But no more! Forever Yours makes dresses for all the
members of the wedding party from flower girl, junior
maid and bridesmaid in the same style and fabric,
but modified to fit the age of the girl. It will
have the big girl look but have straps to keep it in
place and be more modestly cut.
Other companies who are doing it are House of Wu,
Alexia Designs and Eden bridals.

This picture shows how the dresses are adapted
to the different age groups, by Forever Yours.


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