Thursday, November 13, 2008

Wedding Question: Plus size wedding dress

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Dear Weddingzilla,
I'm a plus size bride in a skinny world.
I'm having a hard time finding a wedding dress
that makes me feel beautiful. I feel so
bad when I see a dress I love on a skinny
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Dear More,
I feel your pain. Too many times the
manufacturers want to send us bridal shops
samples in their sample sizes...size 8, 10 & 12's.
We order larger sizes and smaller sizes. But
sometimes you want to try on the dress we ordered
in a size 4. Many times, the larger sized samples
sell as soon as they come in and it takes us another
16 weeks to get them back in stock for you to try
on. Believe me, we feel as bad as you do when this

Make an appointment with a bridal salon and get an
idea of what looks good on your figure. A good
bridal consultant can show you styles that will
flatter and elongate your figure and make you feel
beautiful and LOOK beautiful.

Stay away from huge ballgowns because they will
make you look shorter and heavier. Avoid the mermaid
silhouette unless you are built perfectly in proportion.
Look for draped waistlines or basque waistlines
and a-line skirts. Charmeuse fabrics will cling and
show every bump and bulge. And yes, you can wear
strapless gowns!

And buy the best fitting undergarments you can afford
because the right undergarments will uplift and support
your bust line. The uplift takes off pounds.
They'll pull you in and make your dress fit smoothly.
Don't cheap out and buy a cheap bra, buy the one that
does the job.

The right undergarments will take pounds off your figure
without making you uncomfortable just by aligning your
body to the lines of the dress. We use Felina and
Goddess bras in the bridal salon because they have the
best support and fit. Here's a link to a site that
carries the bras, click on bridal:
Get Oprah's Favorite Bra Today! shows dresses
photographed on plus sized brides. You'll be able
to see the styles that will look fabulous on YOU!
Hope this helps!

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  1. Don't I know your pain! I have such a hard time finding dresses in plus sizes, too. Especially when it really counts, like for my wedding. What is a bride that doesn't feel beautiful? What I've found is you sometimes get a better selection to choose from if you shop around at local bridal stores- they sometimes have very nice dresses and are more accommodating. I've been looking through, if that helps you with your search. Remember, you are beautiful!


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