Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Engaged at Christmas, Time to Start Planning the Wedding

Congratulations on your holiday engagement. Whether
it was a complete surprise or somewhat expected,
you are now engaged to be married. Relax, its normal
to look at your ring finger a hundred times a day, just
don't do it while you are driving down the road!
Its also normal to be completely confused and clueless
as to how or when to proceed with planning your wedding.

Maybe you and your fiance have talked of the kind of
wedding you want. Or maybe not. But its time to sit
down and have the "big talk". Your expectations and his
expectations may be totally different. I know a lot of
brides who don't want a wedding, and a lot of grooms who
have dreamed of seeing their bride in a white gown walking
down the aisle in a traditional wedding.

Here's a big surprise for a lot of brides: There are a lot
of grooms who have also dreamed of their wedding day. And they
might be even more excited than you! The media puts so much
emphasis on the bride, but without the groom....hey, there
is no wedding. I talk to a lot of grooms and some want a lot
of input. Some just want to show up and party. And others
will help plan, make suggestions and run errands.

You need to make sure both of your expectations are on the same
page. You both have to want a traditional wedding or a
destination wedding. You have to understand your grooms
expectations, you need to respect his feelings. Its not
just about you, its about us, its about the marriage.

Set the date, talk to your parents if they are paying for
the wedding and see what they are willing or able to pay
towards the wedding. They'll also have expectations and
suggestions for the wedding. They might have family traditions
that they want included in the wedding. One word springs to
mind: Compromise. Don't argue, scream or fuss. Just
keep an open mind and make decisions when you are in
a calm frame of mind.

Take your time making decisions. Don't jump into any contracts
until you've had time to think and compare your options.
Don't immediately ask everyone to be in your wedding party.
Think, plan and then act. And do it as a couple. Its
training for marriage!

Enjoy your engagement. Its a time to come together as
a couple to plan the rest of your life. Its a time to
plan the wedding. Its a time to enjoy life and look
forward to the future! Look at that ring, show off that
ring and enjoy the congratulations of family and friends.

Here's a great site to help
with planning your wedding and answer your questions.
Wedding Loco Wedding Planning
And if there is a destination wedding in your future
check out Beach Bride 2 Be: Weddings in Paradise.

Have a happy wedding!

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