Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Is a Christmas or New Years Eve Wedding For You?

Yes, Virginia, there are a lot of
holiday weddings during Christmas and
new years. This time of year, weddings
are not for everyone. What about you?

Every place is decorated, you don't need
to spend a lot on wedding decorations.

The family is in town.

People are in a festive mood.

Everyone likes to get dressed up on
New Years eve and party.

You need to blend your wedding colors to
match the holiday colors in the decorations.
If you don't like shades or red or green,
you have a problem.

Mom WILL go crazy with weddings at holiday
time because she still has to deal with
the holiday and holiday stress. And you have
to deal with Mom.

Not everyone will be able to attend because
of prior commitments.

Lets face it, your guests will have to buy
a wedding present and holiday presents for
their families. Money is tight!

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