Sunday, January 4, 2009

Fun Wedding Trivia

I love fun trivia. I love playing trivia,
I have a trivia brain. Here's some fun
wedding trivia, wedding traditions and
wedding statistics that you can throw out
at a bridal shower. Or maybe you've just

The average person will fall in love seven
times before getting married.

Flower girls represent fertility in the marriage.
Guess if you don't want a family, nix the
flower girls. The wedding cake also symbolizes
fertility. Who knew? I've always thought it
represented desert.

The average age of a first time groom is between
26 and 27 years old.

Old English customs say if a bride sees a toad,
spider, rainbow, lamb, black cat or chimney sweep
on her wedding day it is good luck. Chimney sweep?
Its also good luck if it rains on your wedding day
according to Hindu tradition.

The wedding ring is traditionally worn on the left
hand ring finger because it was thought that this
was the closest vein to the heart. It symbolizes
holding your love close to the heart. Some countries
wear their wedding ring on the right hand third ring finger.

Brides starting wearing white after Queen Victoria
rebelled against the wedding tradition of wearing
silver in the 16th century. White represents purity.
A bride wearing green meant she was a hot mama who rolled
around in the grass. Her dress grass stained green by
getting busy with gentlemen in the fields.

The bridal veil was meant to ward off evil spirits.
In the 1800's, it was a sign of purity and virginity.
Today, its just worn to balance the dress and finish
off the look.
Wedding veils in ancient Rome were yellow.

Bridesmaids dressing alike started because it was
thought that evil spirits would harm the wedding
party. If they dressed alike, it would confuse
all the evil spirits. Huh?

June was the most popular wedding month because
in the 14th century, the once a year bath was
in May. Everyone was relatively fresh and ready
to celebrate. I always assumed that it was because
most weddings occurred after school was out. Can
you imagine a once a year bath?

Las Vegas has more weddings on New Years Eve and
Valentines day as well as numerical days: 7/7/07,
8/8/08 and this year we'll have 9/9/09!
Las Vegas bills itself as the wedding capital of
the world, doing 100,000 plus weddings a year.

Istanbul, Turkey comes in at number two in the
world for weddings with 92,000 couples per year
saying "I Do".

The number two wedding city in the USA is
Gatlinburg, Tennessee with 42,000 weddings
a year. Who knew?

The average number of guests invited to the average
USA wedding is 152.

The number of weddings in the world is estimated
to be 115,000 per DAY!

Japanese brides spend the most on their weddings,
with the average wedding setting them back

There are 9 million weddings per year in China,
with the average cost of $19,000.

There are over 6,000 bridal shows per year in
the USA.

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