Saturday, January 3, 2009

Shopping For Your Wedding Dress

Shopping for your wedding dress can be
fun or it can be exhausting, futile and
just a pain in the you know what. The trip
is what you make it.

Here are my best tips for shopping for the
most amazing and important dress you will
ever buy in your lifetime.

This should go without saying, but I have to
say it because some people didn't get the memo:
Take a shower before you shop. Wear some form
of underwear. In our bridal shop, we help you
dress because trying on the dress is not a do
it yourself job. Its too hard for the bride
to figure out how to put it on, so we help.
If you "forgot" underwear, you'll be
embarrassed unless you like seeing your bee-hind
reflected from every angle in your birthday
suit. I am uncomfortable when the bride
strips down to nothing. Don't get me wrong,
I've seen it all, including dressing men as brides,
but I prefer you have on panties and a bra. You don't
need a strapless bra, you can always slip your
bra straps down or use a try on bustiere.
You don't need to bring a slip, all stores have them.

Bring a pair of heels so you can get an idea of
the length of the dress. The dress takes on a
different look when you are wearing heels. If you
are wearing flats, bring a pair of flats.

Don't shop if you are tired, cranky, ill, hungry or
hung over. More than one time, I've had a bride
pass out from hunger, exhaustion or barf from
being hung over. Its not pretty in a dressing
room and it REALLY grosses everyone out. It also
scares the you know what out of us when someone
passes out on the risers and we have to try
and catch them. By the same token, if you are sick,
use your noodle and stay home. We don't want to
catch it! And eat and keep yourself hydrated
before you shop. Trying on dresses is tiring
and you need energy fuel.

Dress in clothes that you can easily change
and redress easily. Tops that zip or button
in the front are excellent.

If you are wearing your hair up on your wedding day,
put it up in a similar style. Your hairdo with the
dress will make a huge difference as some necklines
will dictate hairdos. If you are planning on wearing
your hair down, wear it down. Nix the ponytail that
day. Know that your hair will get messed up from
trying on dresses.

Wear a bit of makeup to get an idea of how the
dress color will look on you. White can sometime
drain all the color out of your face. Makeup
can correct it so you can wear white if you
want to wear white. You don't need to come in
full face paint, just enough to give the look
of your wedding day.

Don't shop with a big posse. Limit it to mom,
a sister, maid of honor or a trusted friend.
Keep it small, too many opinions will confuse you
and upset you. It happens a lot. They
might be excited for you, but they can come later.
Once you find THE DRESS or narrow it down, bring
the posse to see it. They'll be just as excited
to see it after you pick it out.

Leave the kids at home when you are shopping for
the wedding dress. They get bored in a bridal
shop and they distract the bride from her special
time. Its the brides time, YOU should be the
center of attention. Get a babysitter. You won't
regret it. Its not fair to us to watch the kids
while you shop. We are here to help you, not
babysit. Hey, we love kids, but I can't do
it all. Keeping the kids from getting hurt or
pulling over a heavy mannequin on themselves
rank as number one. If I'm watching the kids,
I can't help you.

Don't let anyone high pressure into buying
a dress unless you are sure you want that dress!
Some salespeople are commission and they
HAVE to make that sale. Sometimes family
and friends pressure you into buying a dress
and you are not quite sure. Don't suffer
from bridal dress regret. Make sure you
are buying exactly what you want before
you buy.

Have fun shopping!

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