Friday, January 2, 2009

HGTV Dream House Giveway Contest

HGTV is giving away a dream house to some
lucky winner, all you have to do to enter
is to go to

HGTV gives away a dream house every year,
I was escaping the football zone last night.
New years day is the football extravaganza
where every man becomes a football coach.
My husband was totally in the football zone
and I had had enough junk food and commentary
from the sofa. So, I just went into the other
room and started channel surfing
and came across the HGTV dream house.

This house is in Sonoma, CA, the heart of wine
country. Its worth over 2 million bucks and its
a stunner. The colors inside are in your face,
but the house itself rocks. I'm not sure if I'd
like the kelly green bedroom, but as they say on
every show on HGTV, it can be changed.

The study has a wine room...a freaking wine room!
How cool is that?

If I had a kitchen like the one in the
dream house , I might actually WANT to cook.
The Wolfe stove nearly brought me to
tears. I totally want that stove. I wanted
to go into my kitchen and beat my stove out of
its misery. but since its all I've got, and I like
to eat, its not in the realm of possibility.

So check it out and register to win this house. It
would make an amazing wedding gift, wouldn't it?
A two million dollar starter house. Most of us won't
even get a two million dollar ender house.

If one of you wonderful people win it, can I
please, please spend the weekend in the guest room?
I'll even cook for you, as long as I get to do it
on that stove! :)

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