Monday, January 12, 2009

Replica Wedding Dresses are Really Knock Offs!

A replica wedding dress that you see on so
many web sites from China are really knock
off dresses. They are inferior copies, you
are NOT ordering a brand name dress directly
from the factory.

I spent a snow bound Saturday stuck at home
in front of my computer. I looked at a lot
of internet dress sites and was shocked at
what I saw. You had to read through the
itty bitty fine print to see any disclaimers
that these dresses are not the originals.
One site even went as far in their disclaimer
to say they weren't responsible for anything.
And if you read farther down, you'll see that
you, the bride, are responsible for custom fees
and any additional tariffs and taxes above and
any additional shipping charges over the
free shipping. Clear as mud.

I also followed some message boards where
some "bride" was raving about her dress that
she received from one of these sites.
Hello, Troll. It was obvious to me that
she was from China (because of her wording)
and was posting her link over a lot of message
boards. It made me wonder how many innocent
budget conscious brides are ordering these
dresses thinking that they are getting an
original Maggie Sottero or only to receive a
dress that vaguely resembles their dream dress.

One site made me laugh. They have posted a
picture of Michele and Barak Obama's wedding
picture on their web site and are selling a
copy of her dress. They even did an article
about their love story and how fashion forward
she was when she purchased her wedding dress.
Back in '92, every wedding dress had a portrait
neckline, it wasn't earth shattering. Sorry,
Michele, don't take it personally, I think
you are great!

Some of these sites use the designer name
and catalog pictures to fool you into thinking
you are buying directly from the factory
and by passing the middle man. Hello, these
designer companies own their own factories or
contract exclusively to their factories and
there is no way they are going to stop production
to make one dress for you at a below wholesale

The knock off companies are breaking every
copyright law in the books. They've stolen
the designs, the pictures and their good name.

You get what you pay for. If you pay $149 on
a dress that should cost a thousand dollars in
the store, you get a dress that's worth what
you've paid. Prepare for disappointment in
fabric, styling and fit.

I've seen a few replicas, and they are horrible.
And the cheap price is inflated once you add
on international shipping, customs fees and
import taxes, you are in for a lot more than
you thought. Make sure you know what you
are buying. If you can't touch it or try it
on or see it in person, don't buy it!

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