Monday, January 19, 2009

Maternity Wedding Dresses, Stop the Bump Talk, Its A Baby!

A friend of mine forwarded a newsletter out of
the UK. What do you think of Mama Bridal she
asked? Their slogan is "Flatter Your Bump".
Nice dresses, serves a purpose, nicely presented,
nice pics.

BUT...OMG...I HATE HATE HATE the terminology
of baby bump or bridal bump. When people
used to talk about a bridal bump, they meant
a breakout on their face right before the
wedding. I think I first heard the word used
on Entertainment Tonight when they were talking
about Anjolina Jolie or some other celebrity who
decided to reproduce. I threw up a little in
my mouth. I'm not a prude, nor am I the most
hip person on the planet, but the term
bothers me, not the dresses and not the
fact that the bride is pregnant.

Pregnant brides are nothing new.
Maternity wedding dresses have a place in
the market because there will ALWAYS
be pregnant brides. The difference
is that they used to hide their pregnancy,
not flatter their bump. There is no way on
the planet you can flatter the bump. It
is what it is. If you are pregnant,
at some point you'll LOOK pregnant.
I've dressed a lot of pregnant brides who
didn't want to look pregnant and there
are a lot of ways to look smaller. And I
know them all. But looking bigger....geeze,
I must have missed the memo!

I guess what else bothers me is that the
emphasis is on her belly and not on the
bride. Shouldn't it be the bride and
grooms day, not a day to show off the
waistline? Geeze, how long will it be
before someone plasters the sonogram on
the front of the dress so we all get a
better look? Remember, you heard it
here first, it was my idea, I get a
cut of the profits. ;)

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