Thursday, January 22, 2009

Michelle Obama's Inaguration Dresses to Translate To Weddings

Tell the truth. Did you like Michelle
Obama's choice of dresses for the inauguration
and for the inaugural balls? Finally a
First Lady with style! Woo hoo!

I loved her coat and dress in the yellow
sawgrass color with the green gloves and
shoes. Designer Isabel Toledo designed
the day coat and dress of Swiss wool lace,
backed with netting and lined in French silk.

And the day after the inauguration, we are
getting requests in the bridal salon for
that color combination from summer brides.
The mothers of the wedding are also looking
for a similar look for their dress to the
wedding. Guess what? Currently, there isn't
anything in the market, but there will be.
And it could happen any second.

I loved her inaugural ball dress.
It was fresh, it had style, it was unique. It suited
her figure and showed off her fantastic arms.
Wouldn't we all kill for her firm arms and
great shoulders? The dress was a creamy ivory
silk with Swarovski crystals and dainty fabric
flowers. The one shouldered look is going to
be widely copied in all wedding dresses starting
the minute she walked into the spotlight in
that gown. In fact, the dress she wore would
make a fabulous wedding dress.

The first lady's dress is a real fashion
piece by a young designer, Jason Wu.
I predict he'll be the "it" designer of the decade.
I also predict he's already been contacted by
major manufacturers to sign on to their

The first lady's ball gown is already being copied.
This article in the New York Daily News
talks about Faviana knocking off the dress.
I actually have met the Moradi family at various
national bridal shows and they don't let
grass grow under their feet. ABS will also have
their version out, if they haven't copied it

So here are my predictions for how Michelle
Obama's fashions for the inauguration will
translate to weddings:

Yellow and green will be a hot fashion color theme
for weddings and for bridesmaids dresses. Note to
bridesmaid manufacturers: If you don't offer a
decent yellow color in your fabrics, do it now
because we have had a lot of requests!

One shoulder dresses will be hot for both
wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses.

Moms will want coat and dress ensembles for
the wedding in fancy fabrics instead of the
dresses currently in the market made for moms
that look like great grandma's burial dress.

Michelle's ball gown will be widely copied by
various knock off houses. Her dress will also
be the inspiration for wedding dress designers
to show softer more sleek dresses that don't
hug the hips.

Remember, ready to wear and designer trends
trickle down to wedding fashions. Its all about
STYLE and finally we had an interesting
style to watch. Go Michelle.

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