Thursday, January 22, 2009

Wedding Trends

We love wedding trends because
its a predictor of things to come
in weddings.

These are the trends we are seeing firsthand:


Coral is hot, with accents of green, golds and turquoise

Lime green with hot pink accents.

Green, green and more green with more vivid
shades and less of the sage green color. We are
seeing green paired up with chocolate brown,
sky blues and soft yellow tones.

Tiffany blue is still popular with mocha accents.

Ivory and champagne with gold tones for accents
in wedding dresses. Color accents to wedding
dresses, sometimes bold and vivid, sometimes
very subtle.


Sleeker wedding dresses, more column type
gowns with movement in the skirt.

Dropped waists.

Hip wrapped waists.

Empire waistlines with baby doll sleeves.


We are seeing a drop in the number of traditional
weddings in their home areas and more trips
to a destination.

Beach and resort weddings.

Mountain resort weddings.

Grooms men wearing shirts that match the
bridesmaid colors and light colored pants instead
of tuxes.

Bridesmaids wearing short or tea length dresses in
tropical colors.


Smaller venues, smaller guest lists.

Three or four bridesmaids versus the nine or
ten bridesmaids that were so popular a
few years ago.


Cakes as art. Unique, colorful wedding cakes
that express the couple and are a
centerpiece of the reception.

Grooms cakes that are personalized
towards his interests and made in
his favorite flavor.

No cake top or a very unique cake top
including having them custom made.
No bells and doves for todays couples!


Couples are working hard to make sure their
wedding is eco friendly and doesn't leave a carbon
footprint on the environment.

Eco friendly favors and centerpieces.

Donations to wildlife foundations and planting
trees in the names of guests in lieu of favors.

Serving a more earth friendly meal, in some cases
totally vegan menu.


Brides and grooms putting their own stamp of
creativity on the wedding.

Designing their own wedding invitations.

Using personal wedding web sites.
Wedding Tracker
even has an online RSVP page to keep track of
your RSVPS.

Start your free Wedding Tracker trial today!

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