Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Murphys Law and the Importance of a Plan B in Wedding Planning

You've all heard of Murphy's Law, "Whatever can go
wrong will go wrong, and at the worst possible time."

My life lately has been Murphy's Law in action.
My father passed away and then I got knocked
down by the flu. Not just a mild case of the flu,
the kind that knocks you on your butt and keeps
you down. And did I mention I had a flu shot?
The last three and a half weeks have been hell.
Its been sadness, grief and feeling like crap,
all the while putting business in the background.
And it got me to thinking..what if I had been
planning a wedding?

Whenever you are planning a wedding and putting
in a lot of time and effort, you need to have
a plan B in case Murphy's Law hits.

If you are spending a lot of money, insure
the wedding. There are policies that insure
the cost of the wedding, if God forbid,
something happens that causes the wedding to
be cancelled.

If you are marrying outdoors, have an alternate
indoor location in case it rains or the weather
doesn't cooperate with your plans.

If you or your groom starts to feel sick before
the wedding, get to a doctor stat so they can
prescribe something to make you feel better.
The longer you wait, the worse you'll feel.
If I had gotten to the doctor as soon as I started
feeling sick, the doc could have prescribed Tamiflu
to knock it out faster. But I was busy taking
care of family business and put myself last. Don't
put your wedding plans before your health. You
don't want to be sick the day of the wedding!

Ask all your vendors what happens if they get sick
the day of the wedding. Do they have someone who
will perform their duties? You don't want to scout
for a DJ or photographer the day of the wedding.
Professional vendors will have a back up crew
who are just as qualified "just in case".

Buy travel insurance for your honeymoon. If you are
traveling to the Caribbean during hurricane season,
don't even think about it, just buy the insurance!

Pack an emergency kit for the day of the wedding and
print out how to handle a wedding dress emergency.

Contact all your vendors to make sure you are on the
same page and make sure they are ready to go
before the big day. Reconfirm details and times they
are expected to arrive at the wedding venue.

Think positive, be prepared and formulate a
plan B and get ready to have a wonderful
wedding day without any hitches!

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  1. I actually never really thought about how awful it would be to get sick right before a wedding! Good tips. Thanks for stopping by our blog!

    Pueblo Bonito - Destination Weddings


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