Saturday, February 28, 2009

Eco Friendly Terra Amore Wedding Dresses

Terra Amore means love earth, and designer
Jessica Iverson is producing a line of
earth friendly wedding dresses that she
calls "eco couture". She not only
designs high fashion designs, but for each
dress purchased, she gives back either by
donating a percentage of her profits to
land preservation or planting a tree.

Her fabrics use only low impact dyes on
natural silks, her other silks are not
bleached and remain a natural color. There are
no unnatural dyes or finishes applied to the
fabrics she uses in her dresses. She uses
fabrics like hempsilk, silk shantung,
silk chiffon. I have not seen hempsilk yet,
and I thought I'd seen ever fabric ever made.
Hempsilk is 40% raw silk and 60% hemp.

Here is my favorite part: She doesn't use
sweatshops to produce her products. All her
seamstresses are paid a living wage using
fair trade and fair labor practices. They
work 8 hour days and 5 days a week. For more
info on her labor practices and fabrics,
click here.

Jessica Iverson is a talented wedding dress
designer with a heart and a passion for
saving the earth. You can learn more about
her and her passions and see her designs
at TerraAmore or
her green collection for Portovert.

I am impressed with Jessica's standards and
designs because I'm tired of the dresses
being mass produced and churned out from
China. She is a breath of fresh air in
the bridal industry and her designs will
help you breath fresh air from her ethical
practices. Check her out!

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