Monday, March 2, 2009

Biggest Wedding Planning Problems

I always assumed that the biggest
wedding planning problems were
money, family and friends based on
what I hear from brides. My brides talk
about the lack of money, wedding costs,
disagreements with family,
parents, wedding party or friends.
There's drama, it usually passes.

I conducted a large non scientific
poll to find out if I was right.
Well, I was, sort of....the answers
surprised me. Money and finances were
the number one problem reported in the
survey. I was right on number two being
conflicts with Mom, family and drama caused
by the wedding party.

Here are the surprises:
10% of my non scientific poll reported absolutely
NO PROBLEMS at all with their wedding planning.
This shocked me because all the brides I've met
(and at this point its in the tens of thousands)
always talk to us about some wedding planning
problem, even if its silly.

Here are some comments:
"I loved every minute of it. I'd do it again"
"I was sorry it was over, it was a dream."
"It must have been meant to be because I didn't
have anything to wrong."
"Everything flowed, everyone was wonderful, the
day was picture perfect."

Another surprise: The bride reported that
SHE was the problem!

"I second guessed every decision I made and
I drove myself, my husband and my family crazy.
I was a mess, but it all worked out."

"I spent every night having nightmares.
I dreamed I was walking down the aisle naked.
I dreamed no one came to the wedding. I dreamed
that the cake exploded when we cut it. I finally
had to talk to a doctor."

"I wanted everything to be perfect. I was
Bridezilla, until my fiance had a talk with
me. I had to eat crow and apologize to everyone.
Lesson learned, the wedding turned out nearly
perfect without me going Bridezilla on everyone."

"I am a control freak. I have to control everything.
My friends are sick of seeing me carrying around
a notebook, texting my vendors and emailing the
wedding party. I can't wait until this is over."

Another surprise:
Brides reported that their biggest problem was
coordinating the church and the reception for the
same day and the times of the wedding. One said that
her church scheduled two weddings at the same time
after she had signed the contract for the reception

Random problems:
Finding shoes! Two brides responded that finding
the right shoes were her biggest problem.

The guest list: Deciding who to invite and who to cut
from the guest list made several brides crazy.
"Its like having a big pool of people you love and
having to pick the ones you love more. It sucked."

" I had to juggle the guest list. Between my FMIL and
my mom and our friends, it was the hardest part of
the wedding planning."

"We had to keep the guest list small because of budget
and space. A lot of people who are upset and
have hurt feelings. I should have eloped."

Worrying about the weather for an outdoor

"We all stressed over the weather.
I was glued to the Weather Channel".

"It rained all week of our wedding. We had an indoor
location if it rained, but it was our dream to
get married outside. The day of the wedding, the
sun came out. Our prayers were answered!"

"All my life I wanted a beach wedding, but the
weather wasn't cooperating. It was unseasonably
cold and cloudy before the wedding. I know, I know,
I can't control the weather, but I wanted to! LOL
We did get our beach wedding, minus the sun. Its all
good, it was windy, but perfect in every other way."

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  1. The one's who said they had no problems are like the women who forget labor pains! They are so happy to be married that anything, and I do mean anything, no matter how painful to get through is forgotten immediately! JMHO!


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