Thursday, March 5, 2009

Custom Flip Flops for Weddings

custom made flip flops

How cute are these custom made flip flops?

A bride brought them in to see how they looked
with her bridesmaid dresses. She bought them
as her gift to the bridesmaids to wear at the wedding
reception. Her maids are wearing tea length
dresses. She picked ribbons to match the color
in the dresses and had their first name initial
embroidered on the button. Love them! They
are a great gift that will get used over
and over and only cost less than $27 each!
By the way, the maids love them! Lets face it,
everyone wants to take their shoes off
at the reception, these are much better
than having your maids run around barefoot.
And you can have your photographer
photograph them all posing with their
flip flops!

These would also be perfect for a beach
wedding. Picture your maids walking out
to the beach in these flip flops.
You can even have a pair made for
yourself with your new last name initial
for your honeymoon.

These are unique and a great gift idea.
Check them out!

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