Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Weddingzilla Tests Smooth Away

Woo Hoo, I got to be a product tester.
I've read about product testers before,
never met one in person. But in the mail
comes a package of Smooth Away hair remover,
purported to be THE hair remover in Europe.
Hey, free is a price I can't complain about,
I'll try it.

Some background first. I have spent my life
trying to remove hair. Being of Italian ancestry,
I've got dark hair and have tried every method
to remove the hair. Add sensitive skin to the
mix and the results were painful. I've tried
depilatories, they ate holes in my skin. I had
to go to the doc. I've tried those epil things
that rip the hair out of your skin. You
probably heard me screaming. I've tried waxing.
Great results after the pain goes away. I've
plucked, shaved and tried them all from
the expensive department store hair removers to
the stuff you buy at the drug store. Every spring
I try something new. Razors always win.

So, with my Smooth Away, I attached the sandpaper
disc to the holder and started buffing. Its not
really sandpaper, but its sandpaper to me. So
I tried it. It took a long time, but the
results were pretty good.My skin was a little
flaky, but a little moisturizer and I
was good to go. I also tried the
moisturizer that is supposed to inhibit
hair growth. It didn't hurt my sensitive skin.
So far so good.

I liked using the Smooth Away on the face. If
it can keep me out of the salon getting waxed,
I'm a happy camper. It was gentle and it worked.
When I had money, I used Vaniqua on my face and
loved it. However, I couldn't justify the
cost of over eighty bucks a month for a tube
the size of my pinkie finger. Ok, this worked
and I liked it. The upside is that it exfoliates
the face and it makes your skin all smooth and
soft. And the hair is gone without waxing.

I wanted to try it on my husband's chest.
He looked like a deer caught in the headlights
and he ran from me like a sprinter. No dice,
he wasn't going to let me near him.

I give Smooth Away thumbs up for the face. I'm waiting
to see if my legs stay smooth. So far, so good. :)

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