Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Customer Service and Brides

A bride was complaining about
one of her vendors. She was crying.
She was right. She's paying good money
for a service. She should have the vendor
eating out of her hand, but its not happening.
I asked her why she hired this person.
Of course, because they were the cheapest.
Regardless of whether you pay top dollar
or go for the bargain vendor, service
should be part of the package.
Brides need and deserve customer
service when they are planning their
wedding. Weddings are not a do it yourself
proposition. Sure, you can do things
yourself, but most everyone has to hire
vendors. And that vendor should
give service.

Lets face it, money is tight for everyone.
We are paying our hard earned money,
we deserve to get what we've paid for with a smile,
regardless of the price paid.

My advice to her was simple. Fire the
vendor and hire someone else. (She had only
put down a small deposit.) The wedding
industry is down and many wedding vendors
are clamoring for work. Some are the sole
support of their family and they need the
jobs to feed their kids. I know of three who
would give their right arm for a gig. No doubt,
you'll get customer service and more.

By the way, what's the deal with customer
service? Does everyone hate their job
so much that they can't even be nice?

I like to patronize local stores, but
my local grocery store needs to get rid of
the scowling cashier who doesn't even nod
in anyone's direction. She might as well be wearing
a sign that says I hate my job, I hate my
life and I hate you. Geeze, what a bitch.
She should be radiating customer service,
but nooooooooo. Honey, you can be replaced.
And you SHOULD be replaced.

And you texting teens who don't pay attention to me
when I'm trying to buy some electronic gizmo,
just know that someone who needs a job is standing
in line for your job. And that someone
doesn't care that I'm not a hot 17 year old babe.
And I'll be a customer for life.

OK...back to my point. To all you brides not
getting what you paid for, what you expect or just getting
lousy customer service: Tell them that you
are mad as hell and you aren't going to take it
anymore. Tell them "I demand service or I'll
find someone who values my business!"

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