Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Amazingly Cool Unique Hip Bridal Bouquets

Its not often I see something new,
exciting and fresh for weddings...
something that makes me take notice
and go..WHOA!!

I came across a site
called Princess Lasertron
by a creative fabric artist named
Megan Hunt, aka Princess Lasertron.
Her designs literally made my jaw
drop and that hasn't happened to
me in eons. I've been in the
wedding industry for ever. If I even
mention the number, I start to cringe.
Anyway, I've met creative people and
people who just think they are creative.
I am telling you...the Princess is creative
with a capital C!

Princess Lasertron makes unique
fabric and button flowers that become
wedding bouquets. I LOVE her designs.
Definitely for a hip
bride who wants to be unique, these
bouquets are just amazing.

See for yourself: Princess Lasertron


  1. The Princess is a LEGEND!
    LOVE her stuff...and she is quite possibly the coolest chick on the planet!

  2. Yeah, she's someone I'd love to meet. I love cool chicks who are creative and her bouquets and flowers are just freaking amazing.


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