Tuesday, March 17, 2009

OMG..The Wedding Is Canceled. Top Reasons Why!

Yes, weddings get canceled. It happens.
Sometimes its for the best, sometimes
circumstances happen. There is heartbreak,
there are tears and anger. Sometimes
there is even regret. I've hugged a lot of
devastated un-brides and un-grooms.

Sometimes I've seen it coming...like the gal
who was marrying a guy she met on the internet
and had never met him in person.

Or the gal who had bruises and hand prints
on her arms and neck. You could see she'd
been grabbed and physically abused. I spoke
to her mom, I told her the dress wouldn't
cover her bruises, I tried to get her help.
She finally listened after he put her in
the hospital and he(thankfully) went to jail.

This past month, we've had two canceled weddings
and we decided to look back and find out
the reasons. We also conducted a poll to
find out the reasons why weddings were
canceled. We suspected family and cheating,
but some answers were surprising.

Our number one reason was...surprisingly..
the wedding got out of control. The
wedding planning got too big and took
on a life of its own. Weddings canceled
for this reason eventually went back on
in a much smaller, more intimate scale.

Reason number two: Cheating and infidelity
by one of the partners. We always point the
finger of blame at the guy, but the girls
cheat, too.

Reason number three: Family
Interference by family members. Mom hates the
bride, mom hates the groom. Mom goes on
Dr. Phil. Mom wins.

Reason number four: Finances
If you don't have any money, you can't
get married. With the US economy in a mess,
money is tight. Lots of people are unemployed.
No job=no wedding.

Surprising reason: Deployment to Iraq.
When the government sends you overseas,
you go regardless of your wedding date.
Most weddings either get postponed or
they marry immediately before deployment.

Surprising reason #2. Immaturity, cold feet,
just not sure its the right thing. I think
if you realize its not the right thing for you
to do at this point in your life, you've made
a very mature decision.

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