Thursday, March 26, 2009

The New DIY Bride

The economy has forced a lot of
brides to become more hands on,
to become a Do It Yourself bride.

The DIY bride wants to have her dream
wedding, but to have it all, she has
to take on a big workload. She may
be doing one task to save money, or she
may be doing it all!

Some ways DIY brides are saving money:

Printing their own invitations. They are
buying blank invitation stock and printing
their invitations on their home computer.
Add embellishments like ribbons and other
decorations from scrapbooking stores, they
are creating one of a kind invitations that
saves them hundreds of dollars. Instead of
hiring a caligrapher, they are addressing the
invitations it on their computer.

Making their own centerpieces. Google
wedding centerpieces and you'll come
up with 3,700,000 ideas to help you craft
your own centerpieces for the reception.
Additional tip: use the bridesmaid
bouquets on the head table instead of
buying additional floral decorations.

Making their own wedding favors or searching
the net for inexpensive wedding favors.

Making some of the reception food themselves
or with the help of relatives and incorporating
it into their catered foods.

Doing their own catering with the help of
the family. This is a lot of work and takes
a lot of time. You need a strong support and
help system in place if you are even considering
this option. You also need experienced servers,
cooks and the proper serving dishes that keep
food at a safe temperature.

Creating their own playlist for the wedding
reception instead of hiring a DJ.

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