Monday, March 30, 2009

Unusual Wedding Locations: A Cave Wedding!

Not evey engaged couple wants a traditional
church wedding. Today's couples are looking
for unusual spots and unusual locations
to host their wedding. One of the most
unusual locations is a cave! But not just
any cave where you have to rappel into it,
but easy to maneuver caves where you can
be joined in marriage either in a
religious or civil ceremony.

Some caves have special spots where weddings
are performed. Some caves have natural
altars, waterfalls and spring fed lakes.

Some caves require weddings to take place
after normal cave business hours. Some
caves might perform the ceremony but not
guarantee you total privacy from other
hikers or visitors.

Caves are all over the world. You can marry
in a cave in Wales, New Zealand, Australia,
Hawaii, Missouri, Ohio and more.
Some caves specialize in weddings, like the
Wedding Cave in the Ozarks in Missouri, USA.
You can marry at Carlsbad Caverns
with special permission from the National
Park Service. Or head to Australia and Jenolan

Not sure if you want to go underground
for your cave wedding? Then head to
Hocking Hills State Park in Ohio
and marry at Ash Cave or Old Man's
Cave which are open caves. Sort of the
best of both worlds, you have the cave,
you have the waterfalls, you have nature.

You will need to get permits and follow
stringent rules for most cave weddings.
Not all caves are handicapped accessible
and some caves require a lot of walking to
get to the wedding site. Research the
site and remember, any claustophobics
(like me) won't be partipating.

Another point to remember: Caves are not
naturally lit, so you need an exerienced
wedding photographer who knows how to
capture the wedding in low light conditions.

If you want a more traditional destination
wedding location, check out the new Beach Bride to Be.

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