Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Put a No Drama Clause in Your Wedding Plans

None of us needs drama in our lives,
especially when planning your wedding.
And weddings are famous for drama....

The only drama in your wedding should
start when you take your first step down
the aisle. The moment when everyone sees
you for the first time dressed in your
finery and looking radiant. That's
good drama!

Put a no drama clause in your wedding
planning. Make a point of telling
everyone that there will be NO drama
in your wedding planning and stick to it.

If you don't want drama, don't create drama.
Yes, brides do create their own drama.
Don't go there, if you see yourself going down
Drama Lane, do a U turn and exit.

If a family situation is creating drama,
nip it in the bud before it explodes.
Don't let it escalate, don't run to your
fiance crying, don't run to your friends and
complain, go to the source and work out a
solution. Talk it out with the source.
You can do it. Do it tactfully and kindly,
just do it! It won't be nearly as hard or
as horrible than if you let it escalate.

If a member of your wedding party is causing
drama, there is a reason they are behaving
badly. Is it jealousy? Financial? Find out the
reason, solve the problem before it spreads
throughout the wedding party. To deal with a
Maidzilla and find out what's going on,
click here.

If your mom or his mom is causing drama,
then you need to talk. It might be that
they are having a hard time realizing that
their child is an adult and can make adult
decisions. Or maybe they aren't ready to
let go of the control they've had over your
lives. They might just be feeling left out.
Sometimes just a little reassurance and
being included in some of the girl stuff
that goes with weddings is enough to rein
them in. (Or if you have a nutso mother in
law like me, there is just no hope...go with
the flow and let her compete for the Academy
Award in drama. When no one pays attention,
she'll stop.) Show her the Momzilla test.

If advice from everyone is causing drama,
learn to separate the advice from your
actual plans. Everyone who has ever been
married likes to give advice to the bride
to be. Of course, THEIR wedding was the
best wedding ever. Tell them you appreciate
the advice, take it with a grain of salt
and then do what you want. Most people just
want to give advice. Don't get angry,
don't get upset. You ultimately, as the bride,
get the final say. Just smile and say thanks.

If finances are causing drama, then scale
back the wedding into something you can
afford. You can have a beautiful wedding
on a smaller scale by cutting down on
some frills and doing some things yourself.
Weddings should be about the marriage,
the beginning of your life together.
Unfortunately, society puts too much
importance on the PARTY.

If stress is causing drama, then take time
for yourself. Learn to handle wedding stress
using these proven methods.

Wedding planning can be fun or stressful.
Its all how you deal with the situation.
Strike the drama out of the wedding plans
and vow to make it fun and productive.
When its over and someone asks what you
would change when it came to planning
your wedding, you can answer honestly,
"NOTHING! It was perfect!"

Remember, keep smiling, be optimistic
and it will spread throughout your life.
Have a happy wedding! You CAN do it!

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