Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Free Wedding Tee Shirt, I Love Free Stuff!

I love love love freebies. If its free, I want it,
even if I don't need it. I WILL eventually find someone
who can use it. And the price...free...rings my bell.
Well, I got an email today from Bridal Party Tees.Com
offering a free t-shirt to all of my readers.

Bridal Party Tees is the company that makes personalized
bridal party tee shirts with all the cutesayings on a wedding
tee. You know, the ones that say Bride to Be,
Matt's Bride, Matt's Hot New Wife, Bridesmaid,
Brides night out, Bride's Army. They'll print whatever.
Anyway, all you have to do is to sign up for their
email list and you get to personalize your own
tee shirt for free!

Get a Free Wedding Tee, Just Sign Up for our Email. BridalPartyTees.com

I've seen these tees and they are cute! They're perfect for a
bachelorette party or an engagement party...or cute to wear
on your honeymoon.

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