Thursday, May 7, 2009

If you could do your wedding over, what would you change?

We posed this question to newlywed brides and grooms to get their answer to this question. Some of the answers were surprising, some were very provocative. See for yourself. If YOU could get a wedding do over, what would you do?

Jen: I'd make sure I kept on my shoes and didn't walk around the reception with a long necked beer in my hand. That picture will haunt me forever!

Ashley: Nothing, it was the perfect day!

Kerry: I'd have listened to my fiance when he told me not to sweat the small stuff. In retrospect, the flowers weren't worth all the tears, they turned out beautiful.

Dave: I would have paid more attention.

Jeff: I should have told the family to back off and let us do it our way. I think we had our mothers' dream wedding and it was more for them than for us. But it was awesome and the honeymoon.....(grin)

Taylor: I would have spent less money on stuff that really wasn't necessary and used the money towards a better honeymoon.

Kim: I would have eloped to the Caribbean and we wouldn't have been all the family hassles.

Emily: My wedding was exactly like I wanted, small and intimate. My only regret is that my grandparents weren't able to travel because of health issues.

Ethan: My wife planned her fantasy wedding and I was good with it. But I wish I would have reined in the budget just a bit.

Cole: (laughs) I wouldn't have had my bachelor party so close to the wedding. I felt like hell at the wedding. My buddies were in town, and you know, we had a few drinks, and a few more.

Lauren: I wouldn't have put on my dress and then had a glass of wine. Don't ask!

Shelli: I wouldn't have insisted on all the bridesmaids having their hair, makeup and nails done. I should have trusted them to do it themselves. I feel guilty now for the extra expenses I put on them. I still feel bad about it.

Kelli: I wouldn't have been such a control freak and insisted on doing everything myself. I took on way too much work and didn't get to enjoy the day.

Jay: I wouldn't have hired a friend to DJ. He would have made a better guest.

Crystal: I should have listened to the people I hired to do the job and not my friends.

Gerri: My husband wanted to get married in Las Vegas. We had a big expensive wedding and I was stressed the whole time. We should have eloped to Las Vegas, we'd have been just as married and a lot less stressed out.

Kent: I should have included my family more in the planning since they paid for a big chunk of the wedding. My parents were hurt and I was so caught up in the excitement I didn't see it until the deed was done.

Brian: Nothing, I married my dream woman!

Toni: I would have bought the dress I wanted instead of settling for a less expensive dress and cheaped out on decorations so I could get THE DRESS. I really didn't need chair covers, but at the time, I thought I did.

Ashlee: I shouldn't have forced my sister to make a toast. She was so nervous that she didn't have fun.

Joe: I would have kept tabs on my groomsmen. They got out of hand.

Janine: We had an awesome wedding. We should have put the same effort on planning the honeymoon. We both got sick from the water. Not fun.

And now I will answer the question: I should have insisted on having a smaller wedding. It grew from a small intimate wedding to a big Italian blow out, thanks to my family. Once it got going, it took on a life of its own. It turned out to be a great wedding, but it was TOO big!

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