Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Lets Hear it For Unusual Wedding Dresses? Would You Dare?

Runway couture wedding dresses are dresses that the
designer makes just for their live runway shows
to create buzz. They don't mass produce these wedding
dresses, they are one of a kind wedding dresses made
to shockand awe the guests and to get their pics in
the magazines. Translated into our world,
these are dresses you could never afford and
wouldn't be caught dead wearing. Its fun to see what
lurks in the mind of the designers.

Yves St. Laurent designed this floral confection,
made to express your inner gardener. I imagine
if you wore this dress to your wedding, your
mother in law would drop dead on the spot.
I love the color combos and this would make
a gorgeous wedding bouquet,

This dress is by Christian Dior and is called
Oragami. It does look like folded paper. I've
always liked Dior, but I think I'll stick to
their eyeshadows and mascara.

Another head smacker from Chinese wedding week.
I can't figure this out, it reminds me of a Space Oddity
with some chicken feathers trailing. This would make a
great a do it yourself project...get a white pillow case,
stick some feathers in the chest, pin together,
attach an old Mardi Gras feather boa and your kids
Star Wars helmet...and voila!

This dress doesn't really qualify as couture.
Its a dress full of LED lights. I wonder where
you store the battery pack. Actually, a few years
ago we did have an LED dress in the bridal shop
by Bonny Bridals, but it was in the lace and very
subtle and pretty. This looks like an auxiliary
backup power source in a power outage. OMG..this
is scary!

1 comment:

  1. I totally agree. Just imagining myself in these dresses makes me blush and laugh at the same time... Who would actually wear these?!


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