Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Quiz: Are You A Bad Bridesmaid?

Have you been accused of being a bad bridesmaid? Take the quiz and find out!

Answers are all true or false.

  • Have you clashed with the bride over the wedding?
  • Do you hate your bridesmaid dress and have you told everyone how much you hate it?
  • Did you refuse to wear the color of the dress the bride picked out because YOU don’t look good in that color?
  • Have you publicly trashed the wedding?
  • Have you publicly trashed the groom or trashed the groom to other people?
  • Are you dodging phone calls, texts and emails from the bride?
  • Did the bride have to put down the deposit on your bridesmaid dress because you didn’t have the money?
  • Did you forget to pay her back?
  • Did the other bridesmaids have to hunt you down to plan the wedding shower?
  • Did you promise to pay your share of the wedding shower and haven’t paid?
  • Did you “forget” to show up at the wedding shower?
  • Did you refuse to have your hair or makeup done for the wedding?
  • Do you constantly complaining about the wedding expenses?
  • Have you decided not to give the couple a wedding gift because just being there is gift enough?
  • Are the other bridesmaids watching out for you so you don’t drink excessively at the reception?
  • Did you have to be coerced to go to your bridesmaid dress fitting?
  • Did you trash the bride and the other maids during your fitting to the seamstress?
  • Did you have a hissy fit in the bridal shop because you didn’t want to pay for alterations?
  • Have you told the bride that your wedding was better because……. And she should do it your way?
If you have answered true to more than three of these questions, you are a bad bridesmaid. While it’s normal to not love the bridesmaid dress, trashing the bride’s taste in public is bad behavior. When there’s a group of people who have to wear the same dress, not everyone is going to love the dress or the color. A true friend will wear what the bride wants and keep a smile on her face, it’s the bride’s choice, it’s her wedding.

Not paying your share of expenses can make you a bad bridesmaid. If the costs are normal and reasonable, and you agreed, you should pay. If the bride is unreasonable in her requests and expenses, that’s another story. The bridesmaid’s expenses are dress, alterations, shoes, shower and shower gift, bachelorette party and bachelorette party gift and wedding gift. Optional expenses are hair, makeup and accessories.

A bad bridesmaid is someone who didn’t want to be in the wedding and didn’t know how to say no. The time to say no is before the planning and expenses start. “Thank you so much for asking me to be in your wedding. I’m honored you asked, but I can’t afford to be a bridesmaid, and I’d be happier to just be a guest. “ How hard is that? Once you say yes, you’ve committed. Acting out and behaving badly only reflects back on you.

How to be a good bridesmaid:
  • Support the bride in her decisions about the wedding.
  • Make all dress appointments and deposits in a timely manner.
  • Keep in touch with the bride so you stay in the wedding loop.
  • Work with the other maids to plan the shower, bachelorette party, etc.
  • If you agree to make food or pay for part of the shower, do it.
  • Be there when the bride needs a friend, needs to talk or blow off steam.
  • Help the bride with your time if she needs help or giving her reassurance and being her friend.
  • Show up with a big smile and enjoy the wedding!

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