Friday, May 21, 2010

Brides Behaving Badly, Could This Be You?

I was on my annual shopping spree armed with all my birthday gift cards and heading to the mall. First stop...the lingerie department at a major department store. I was on a quest for new bras that fit. Why is it EVERY time you find a bra you like they discontinue it? Anyway, I'm in the dressing room trying on bras and there are two brides trying on honeymoon lingerie. They try it on, pop out of the dressing room, take pics of each other in the lingerie and sext it on to their fiances. They didn't buy ANYTHING...this was just a fun time for them. The clerk was busy tending to them and bringing them in more things to try on. They had excuses every time why they didn't want the item. When she left the dressing room, they laughed and took pics. These brides weren't 18 years old, they were late 20 something women dressed in the latest fashions.

I wanted to tell the clerk what was going on and I probably should have. I sure wouldn't want to be the one to buy the thong that they were modeling. Ewwwwwhhhhh.

So I amble downstairs past the jewelry department. I am easily distracted by shiny objects. There is a huge section of bridal jewelry...all with return tags on them. The clerk said to me..."I know what you are thinking, and yes, they wear it and return it. There is nothing we can do. Somethings they pop out a stone and say its defective. Sometimes they tell us it doesn't match their dress. We know better, but the store says we have to take it as a return if its in the time period and they have a receipt." OMG....isn't this a form of stealing? Its sure not borrowing, I know of no department store that has a borrowing policy. That's just wrong on so many levels!!

OK, I'm done venting!!

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  1. @ 1st when I started reading this, I was like 'oh that seems fun and innocent enough' until the part about buying the tried on thongs! lol :D but I probably wouldnt of said anything either.

    As for the "borrowing policy" yeah that is pretty horrible, they could probably revise their policies, I dont know, like stiffer guidelines for returns of higher end items.

    bye :)


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