Friday, May 21, 2010

Weddings, Why Not Accept Professional Advice?

Attention Brides! If you need professional advice, ask for it. Some things are just not do it yourself projects, weddings are one of those. Yes, you can do it yourself, but get some professional advice. Its there, its there for free in many instances just by ASKING the question.

Case in point: Wedding in a park on a Saturday on a spring day. The weather was brutal that day, wind gusts of up to 65 mph, rain, and even some scattered snowflakes. The bride had a picnic reception planned, but the weather didn't cooperate. She had no Plan B in case of rain or cold. She was using her friend as her wedding consultant, this chick had no clue. Her friend talked her out of renting an enclosed park shelter, because as she put it, the extra $50 could go to other things. The park tried to talk to her, the groom tried to talk to her, she wouldn't listen. This was her friends job as a wedding consultant (she had no training at all) and she listened to her friend. The wedding was a bust. It was so cold the bride had to wear a coat over her wedding dress and the groom a hoodie over his tux. The guests sat in their cars and then left. They ended up hauling the food back to their garage, where the remaining guests ate in their garage. The flowers were damaged from the cold, the tablecloths blew off the tables and everything was in chaos. If she had only listened to a pro!

Fast forward: There is another wedding tomorrow at the same park...same scenario. No shelter, no place to go if it rains. Guess what? Its supposed to be cold and rain all day. We have family members in the wedding, they are dreading it because of the weather. Most of them drove for hours to be in the wedding. Who wants to get all dolled up and spend time dodging the rain and the cold? This bride asked me for advice, I gave it to her....get a Plan B for weather and rent the shelter. Her friend talked her out of it. My guess is that all the wives of the guys in the wedding will leave before the ceremony.

Weddings are supposed about the couple, but if you are having a reception, its also about making your guests feel welcome and comfortable.

If a wedding professional is giving you advice, don't assume its because they want to sell you something. It may be that they are trying to put you on the correct path to having an amazing wedding without glitches and without chaos. Ask me, I'll give you advice for free.

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