Monday, June 21, 2010

More Weird Strange Wedding Pictures

Brides: don't ask, don't tell. I don't even want to look.

I have no clue why they are wearing painted coffee cans on the sides of their heads and why the bride and groom are wearing Burger King crowns. I couldn't find ONE person to pull this off, gotta hand it to them,
their friends are good sports. But WTF?

Super Man wedding...wish I had a pic of the bride. I hope no one brought Kryptonite to the reception.

Zombie wedding, zombie brides must be required to dress like a wedding cake and have their picture shot from the grave up.

Renting a limo was too expensive obviously. Do I see a seat in the photo? Does it have seat belts?
The only thing I see missing is the keg of beer.

Who did your makeup?

Shreck takes a bride. No, really!

Hello Kitty wedding. I just don't get the fascination with Hello Kitty, but if you are REALLY into it, wouldn't it have been cooler to dress exactly like them?

Russian goth wedding, gotta love the brides fake forehead and the groom's Kiss boots. Her dress from the side is nothing short of scary! Love the juxtaposition of clothing and hair colors.

The Goth groom is wearing more ruffles than the bride. Honey, I've come up with a Goth themed wedding and guess what you are wearing? Don't you just love it? Honey, honey....??

I like this photo..and I like this cake, or is it really a hamburger? Either way, it makes me hungry!

Yabba dabba do...its a Flintstone wedding!


Sad to say, I actually know people who would do the John Deere theme and spend longer cleaning and waxing the tractor than planning the wedding. And you know who you are!

Another pale Gothic couple. Kissing the bride with black lipstick....eeeewwwww!


  1. I really liked your article. Keep up the good work.
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  2. The people with coffee cans are Katamari Damacy costumes. It's a weird PS2 game :

  3. came by this site randomly, and I asked my way too nerdy but still adorable bf about the coffee cans and he says it's from a video game called katamara democracy

  4. Thanks a lot for share the fun wedding pics people are so funny at the time of its wedding also.
    I share this pics with my friends.

  5. I enjoyed your article very much....Very funnyyy.....I think people love this type of wedding..Bcoz they want something new

  6. Thanks for explaining the Katamari Damacy costumes video game. :)

  7. your blog is very funny!
    I love to see this kind of photos.

  8. umm, the coffin picture is not zombies. they're supposed to be vampires. look at that again.


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