Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Wedding Quiz: What's Your Wedding Style?

What’s Your Wedding Style? Take the fun quiz and find out!

When I close my eyes and picture my dream wedding, I see:
A: Myself walking down the aisle on my Dad’s arm in a church and seeing my husband to be waiting for me at the end of the aisle.
B: Outdoors in a garden surrounded by flowers on a sunny afternoon.
C: On a beach at sunset.
D: A stage in a theater, with your friends and family in the audience.
E: In a parlor at a bed and breakfast or in a historic church.

I am wearing:
A: A ball gown with sparkles and lace and a long cathedral veil.
B. A feminine wedding dress DEFINITELY without a train.
C: A flowy chiffon dress.
D: Something totally unexpected and definitely NOT white!
E: A vintage lacy wedding dress or a wedding suit with a face veil and gloves.

My wedding attendants are:
A: My sister, his sister and my very best girlfriends, it’s so hard to choose!
B. My besties wearing floral sun dresses.
C: I need attendants?
D: My best guy friend is my man of honor, our dog is the best man.
E: Our sisters and cousins.

My reception is:
A: A sit down dinner with candlelight, flowers and chandileres.
B. Brunch and mimosas, tables in a garden setting with centerpieces of flowers in season.
C: Candlelight dinner on the beach, just the two of us.
D: Entertainment on stage by my theater friends, followed by a pot luck supper and cupcakes.
E: At a bed and breakfast or in a historic restaurant or hall.

Our first dance as husband and wife will be:
A: At Last by Etta James
B. How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You by James Taylor
C: Kokomo by the Beach Boys
D: Whatever the spirit moves at that moment. It could be performance art, who knows?
E: Our Love is Here to Stay by Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald

The shoes I’m wearing for the wedding are:
A: The perfect silk and pearl embellished wedding shoe!
B: Sexy flat sandals instead of heels, they are a lot easier to maneuver around outside.
C: Shoes? I’m going barefoot!
D: Boots, stilettos or Birkenstocks.
E: Platform pumps or mary janes.

Count up the number of each letter. The majority of letters will indicate your personal wedding style.

If the majority of your answers are A: you are a traditional bride. 
You want church wedding with lots of attendants, traditional church music and tears. You’ll enjoy greeting all your guests in a reception line after the ceremony with lots of hugs and well wishers. You want your reception to have great food, drinks and traditional toasts, cake cutting and garter tossing. You want to be princess for the day and you want all your family and friends around to share in your joy.

If most of your answers are B, you are a garden bride. 
You love flowers, traditional gardens and the smell of summer wafting in the breeze. Flowers mean romance and it’s always been your dream to marry outdoors surrounded by flowers. There’s something about the summer that rings your bell. The informality of the reception means everyone can mix and mingle and enjoy the afternoon. As evening rolls around, it’s off on the honeymoon!

If most of your answers are C, you are a Paradise bride.
It’s just the two of you, eloping to a fabulous exotic resort in the Caribbean, Mexico, Hawaii or Bali. You are on the beach declaring your undying love, in the beauty of nature, surrounded by orchids and tropical plants. Why spend months planning when their coordinator can do it all for you? Get a passport, fly in and say I do….and you’re automatically on your honeymoon. Romance and fun and not having to deal with family squabbles make this your choice. You’ll share with photos on Facebook when the spirit moves you and stream the wedding on the internet for your parents and friends. Who hasn’t thought of running away to paradise? And, yes, you can involve family and friends at a paradise wedding, click here for information on a destination wedding.

If most of your answers are D: You’re a nontraditional bride who does things her own way. 
It doesn’t matter what Mom or Grandma thinks, it’s what we want and it will be amazing! You’ve never wanted to wear lace and tulle, you’ve never had fairytale wedding dreams. You are a free thinker who dances to the beat of your own drum. If you are going down the path of solemnizing your relationship with marriage, it will be on your own terms. You may make each wedding invitation by hand and each will be a work of art. You might carry a bouquet of wildflowers or handmade button and feather flowers. This wedding will not be comparable to any other and it will be unforgettable!

If most of your answers are E: You are a vintage bride.
Dolly Couture
Whether you aspire to a Victorian theme or want to be a 40’s or 50’s bride, you love the eras of time gone by. You might marry in an ivory lace Victorian gown or a 1950’s tea length ball gown dress with a belt, pill box hat and a face veil that you found in a vintage store. You adore music from Frank Sinatra and other songs that were made to slow dance the night away cheek to cheek. You love lace hankies and violet corsages, floral invitations and cocktails.

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