Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Out of The Box Alternative Unique Wedding Bouquets

I love out of the box, unusual and unique touches to weddings, that little touch that takes an ordinary wedding and shoots it into the stratosphere.  I came across these unusual wedding bouquets on Etsy.   Some you may have seen variations of before, a couple are just mind blowing.  I love them all, so here goes!

 This bouquet is from the Refinerii on Etsy and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!  The bouquet is made from upcycled copper and strung with crystals.   It makes it eco friendly as well!  Use it as it is or add flowers, it comes with a bouquet holder. can use it as a decorative accessory in your home, so you'll have it as a forever reminder of your wedding day. 

Butterflies make up this unique wedding bouquet by idotakeu on Etsy and are handmade in the UK.   If you are doing a butterfly theme, this bouquet is a must do.  Something in the color palette catches my eye, it would blend with anything!

Croska on Etsy calls this bouquet  Vintage Obsession Feather Bridal Bouquet.  This bouquet is made of dupioni silk roses with vintage jewelry for bling and feathers.  Just perfect for a vintage wedding theme!

Floating Dream Feather Bridal Bouquet by eeekdesigns in Toronto is also on Etsy...don't you love that name?  The coque feathers remind me of a fascinator.  


Pretty In Pink Button Bouquet is by reallybadkitty  or RBK Designs on Etsy.  Another name that cracks me up, not only are the designers talented, but they have great shop names, too.  RBK does button bouquets and one of there photos is a twist on the other button bouquets I've seen,  RBK added green leaves which takes the bouquet into another direction.  


  1. Love the feather bouquets! I have been all about them lately! Check out - THE most AMAZING felt flower bouquets. They are not cheap...but they are by far the most amazing non-flower bouquets!!


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