Thursday, August 19, 2010

Who Should Make The Wedding Guest List and Who To Cut

Gone are the days when you could post a wedding invitation on the bulletin board at work and not worry about how many guests are coming to the wedding.  Budget, cost per guest and a bad economy mean you have to keep your guest list in check.  Cutting the guest list is a PIA, but its something that have to be done.  Here's some tips on how to decide who makes the cut.  

  • Casual friends, cut them.  Only invite your besties.
  • Co Workers, cut them.  You don't have to invite the boss and your co workers, unless you are especially close with them.  
  • Distant relatives you only see at funerals and family reunions.   Cut, cut, cut regardless of what both sets of parents say. 
  • Neighbors, unless you are very close.
  • Gym or workout buddies unless you are best buds.  Ditto for softball, volleyball and any other teams you both enjoy. 
  • Exes, don't even consider inviting them! 
  • Relatives you aren't close to,  there's no law that you have to invite someone who is related by blood if you aren't close.
  • Friends of your parents they want to invite because your parents gave THEIR kids gifts.  If you are close to their friends, you might reconsider.  Ditto for their bridge club, neighbors, etc.  
  • Your beautician, barber, nail tech, etc.  You pay for their services, they probably wouldn't dream of going to your wedding anyway.

Decide how many invitations will be allocated to each family, yours and his, and then to  both of your friends.  Have them make lists of who they want to invite, then start cutting.  You'll probably hear a lot of protesting, but do what you have to do to stay in budget. 

When people ask if they are invited to the wedding, just smile and say " We have had to keep the guest list to immediate family.  The wedding will very intimate because of space restrictions."   

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