Wednesday, December 1, 2010

American Kids View of the Royal Wedding

It seems no one is immune from the news of the royal wedding.  While I was in the kitchen cooking my ass off for Thanksgiving, my weekend house guests were planted in front of the TV, the parents watching football, the munchkins watching TV in a bedroom. 

I decided to check on the girls who were watching a program about the royal wedding and this is what I overheard:

Announcer in a clipped British accent:  "The future princess blah blah...."

Kid 1:  "I have a princess Barbie."

Kid 2:  "I saw all the princesses when I was at Disney.  I didn't see her."

Announcer:  "Kate will be in royal boot camp to learn protocol."

Kid 1:  "My Dad was in boot camp when he was in the Army.  He had to walk a lot and do exercises."

Kid 2:  "Are they going to make her exercise?"
           "What's  royal pro-doll?"

Kid 1:  "Ummmm, they will make her drop and give them 20.  I think pro-doll is something in 4th grade."

Kid 2:  "Kayley is in 4th grade, she rides my bus."

Announcer:  "Kate will be in school to learn how to deal with royal life".

Kid 1:  "I wonder what grade she will be in, probably high school because she looks big."

Kid 2:  " Or college.   I hope she goes to Ohio State because I have a hoodie from there."

Kid 1:  "My dad says boo Buckeyes."

Kid 2:  "I wonder if she's going to have a Christmas party at school.  We always have good Christmas parties with cookies."

Announcer:  "Kate doesn't have a royal pedigree...."

Kid 1:  " Ewwww, I never want to be a princess!"

Kid 2:  "Why?"

Kid 1: "Because they make you eat dog food,  Roxy eats Pedigree.  Yuckkkkkkkk."

Kid 2:  "My brother ate dog food and he barfed.  I don't want to be a princess either."

Yup, we Americans just don't get it.  ;)

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