Sunday, February 20, 2011

10 Tips For a Perfect Stress Free Wedding Day!

Worried about how your wedding is going to play out?  Every couple's nightmare is that something will go wrong.  Worrying only compounds the problem.  Here are time proven tips to make sure everything goes according to plan.  


Schedule the wedding at a time that fits into both of your schedules.  If you are in the midst of studying for exams, moving, graduating, changing jobs or any other life changing times, schedule the date for a less stressful time. 

Make a wedding budget and work within your budget.  Money is a major stressor in wedding planning. If you know in advance you can cover what you NEED, you won't need to juggle things around and alter your wedding plans. 

Shop for your vendors the same way you shop for your wedding dress.   There are good vendors and there are unreliable vendors.  Check references and interview them BEFORE you put down a deposit.  A good vendor will take your wedding as seriously as you do and will do what is necessary without being prodded. 

Don't make any spur of the moment decisions.    Acting on impulse is sure to derail plans.  

Once you make a decision, move on.   Second guessing yourself will make you crazy and is a waste of time and energy.  Trust in yourself and your decision.  If you LOVED the dress when you ordered it, you will still love it on your wedding day. 

Surround yourself with a good support system.     Your family and friends can be a HUGE help during the wedding planning process and the wedding day itself.   Extra hands to help and emotional support are major!

Get organized.   Buy an wedding organizer or software that will keep you on track and keep you organized.  An organized wedding saves tons of time and stress.  

Check, recheck and double check with your vendors to make sure you are on the same page.
A monthly phone call will ease your mind and you can check out their progress.  Two weeks before the wedding, call all your vendors to finalize all details. 

Keep your wedding party in the loop so they know what is expected of them.   Give them a time line of the wedding week so they can make arrangements in their own life to be at rehearsal, etc.  Don't assume they KNOW or are available, let them know in advance.

Don't make any sudden changes to your appearance right before the wedding.   Practice that hairdo, practice the wedding day makeup so there are no surprises that day.  I cut my hair right before the wedding and my headpiece didn't fit or look good with my new 'do.   Also, crash dieting before the wedding will mean your dress will need additional alterations and you could get sick or look unwell on your wedding day.  Also avoid over tanning on the tanning doesn't photograph well. 


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