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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Pippa Middleton, World's Most Famous Maid Of Honor

Sorry, I'd never heard of Pippa Middleton, but I kept hearing the buzz surrounding her.  Just who is Pippa Middleton, the world famous maid of honor?

Pippa Middleton is the younger 27 year old sister of Kate Middleton, the fiance of Prince William.  She is the "chief bridesmaid" at the wedding, what we would call the maid of honor.  Her real name is Philippa Charlotte Middleton, and is called Pip by her family.  She's a graduate of  Edinburgh University. She looks like her sister, which makes her extremely tabloid worthy. 

Now here's where it gets interesting.  Her parents  runs a website that specializes in party accessories called Party Pieces.  They sell all sorts of party paraphernalia,  accessories and invitations for any kind of party. It was started by her mother, Carole and has grown into a large mail order company serving the UK, making her parents supposed millionaires.    

Pippa worked as a party planner and organizer at Table Talk.  In 2010, Pippa started her own online magazine called Party Times as an offshoot of the family business.  Pippa is not only the maid of honor, but she is the one advising her sister on the wedding.   After the wedding, wanna bet that Pippa becomes THE wedding event planner? The world's most famous wedding consultant?   When you see her become the Brit Martha Stewart, remember that we predicted it here!

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  1. Nothing hurts when your sister is the future Queen of England...right?!?