Monday, February 7, 2011

Biker Motorcycle Wedding Theme

 Image by First Place Photography

Biker wedding theme is the hardest theme to pin down.  I promised you an inspiration board, but after spending hours and hours researching the theme, there is little solid advice on the internet.  The posts I've found are old, the products discontinued and its all over the map.  What I have learned is that each biker themed wedding is different.  Each rider is different, some are hard core, some are recreational cyclists.  Some biker weddings are traditional, some are off the radar.  One common thread is love and bikes.  

I decided to interview my friend who rides by the name of Fury.  She has been to numerous biker weddings and she rides her own Harley.  

Weddingzilla (WZ)  What's the one common thing you have to have at a biker wedding.

 Fury:  Beer!!

WZ: Tell me about a biker wedding.

Fury:  There isn't one biker wedding, there are biker weddings.  Some are traditional, church, dress and all that.  The bike is a theme.  They  pose for pictures on the bike and later ride off on the bike, sometimes leading the guest riders.

There are the outdoor biker weddings with everyone riding in on bikes with Harley t-shirts and leathers, kegs of beer, music and partying.  Went to one that was a pig roast and it lasted all weekend.  Some of the guys brought guitars and played.  Good times. 

Some weddings take place at the Sturgis run  or Daytona Beach's bike week.  They get married and party and celebrate in the streets or bars.  Sometimes they "wedding dress" and other times they don't.

WZ:  What do they wear?

Fury:  Anything goes! 

WZ:  I'm still confused!!  Thanks Fury!

I have learned that a lot of biker brides choose a Harley Davidson themed wedding.  They use black, orange and white as the theme colors or match the theme colors to their bike.  Harley themed items are easier to find on the internet, but some brides say just go to the Harley dealership and find items you can use for the wedding. 

For all the info you need on a Sturgis wedding, check out Sturgis Rally Weddings.

Do you want to get married on your bike in Daytona Beach during bike week 2011 ?  Bruce Rosmeyers Destination Daytona will have a huge wedding and vow renewal ceremony at 11AM on 3-11-11.   The Harley shop is trying to set a record for the most couples who get married on a motorcycle.  Check it out.
Invitations for biker wedding themes:

A romantic getaway on two wheels! This whimsically styled topper has great details like a miniature "Just Married" license plate, and real paper pom pom tied to the rear fender. Each piece is made of hand painted porcelain bisque and measures 5" tall with a 5.75" base. The paint colors are available only as shown, we are not able to provide custom colors.

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