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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Biker Motorcycle Weddings

A friend of mine sent me some pics of motorcycle themed weddings. She asked me to help her with ideas on planning her own biker wedding theme. I've been to a biker weddings, twice in fact. The first one was delightfully tacky, the second elegant.

The first biker wedding was in a beautiful chapel in Florida near the gulf. A high school buddy was getting married and our old group decided it was time for a road trip. So we piled into two cars and headed on a 24 hour road trip full of craziness.

We met the bride the day of the wedding at the beach. The groom was partying with his old high school buddies. They both rode in on their motorcycles. The groom had their dog on his bike, the dog was (swear to God) the best man. The bride was a sweet tiny little thing, how she managed the bike on her own in a wedding dress was beyond me. Her bike was decorated in flowers and wait for it....sea weed. The bride walked down the aisle in her wedding dress, the groom wore jeans and a leather vest

The brides' mother wore a white bikini top, white hip hugger slacks, a see through white lace open blouse and white flip flops decorated with flowers. Her dad wore his biker colors. Her small son wore a tux! Silly me wore a dress.

The reception, what can I say? His family is uber conservative, his grandparents were old order Amish... hers...wild and crazy. It was unforgettable and loads of fun.

The second biker wedding was at a country club. The groom and all the groomsmen rode in on their Harley motorcycles dressed in tuxes. The bride arrived in a limo. The wedding was traditional. The reception had a huge Harley Davidson ice sculpture and a Harley groom's cake. Drinks flowed to the tune of a 20 grand bar bill. The groomsmen got tanked and turfed the golf course. The brides parents had to pay and are still pissed off. The marriage didn't last. :(

I'm working on a motorcycle themed wedding board. In the meantime, here are the pics she sent me, enjoy!

Love this pic!

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