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Friday, April 29, 2011

"Every Wedding Is A Royal Wedding" , Unconventional Thoughts on a Very Traditional Wedding

The last royal wedding I saw was when Princess Fiona married Shreck, and this pretty much blew that wedding out of the water. And what a royal wedding it has been so far!

OK, I swore I wouldn't get up early and watch the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. I was in the beauty salon yesterday and the gals had taken bets that I'd be their first customer to get up and watch the wedding. No way...I'm not getting up at 4:30AM unless I'm flying to Vegas or George Clooney and nudity are involved. When I went to bed, I told the husband that I wasn't getting up...and yet, here I sit, with the dog, watching the royal wedding.

OMG.....what a ceremony! Westminster Abby is a beautiful church, the choir and the orchestra blew me away! The pomp and circumstances are beyond comprehension. I also found the ceremony to be very meaningful. I didn't think he was going to get the ring on her finger, it sort of stuck on her finger. Loved that they kept exchanging glances and smiles.

Doesn't the Archbishop of Cantebury have an great voice? And I loved it when the Bishop of London or England) said "Every wedding is a royal wedding...." Hear, hear! Every bride SHOULD be a princess on her wedding day.

And what goes through the Queen's mind when everyone sings 'God Save The Queen'? She probably thinks...damn, right! I noticed her husband, Prince Philip, was mumbling along, but not with any sort of enthusiasm.

And the bride....beautiful, stunningly beautiful. I've never seen such grace under pressure. If Kate was nervous, she didn't show it, she looked so serene. And soooo beautiful! The dress looks so 1950's. Its not what I expected even though I knew she was REQUIRED to have a modest dress with long sleeves. It's so freaking traditional. The lace looks like gorgeous floral expensive Chantilly lace...the real deal, modified Queen Ann neckline, sheer long lace sleeves with the bridal point cuff. The skirt had pleats with solid lace embellished front and cathedral length train. I'm sure it's expensive silk because I can see the silk wrinkles in the skirt. I can't wait to see close up pics of the gown. I can't tell if the dress had any pearls or beading.

Loved the mantilla style veil as she walked down the aisle, hated it when it was pulled back. I thought it was too flat, but its a mantilla...what did I expect? I did expect a cathedral length (long) veil because she was marrying in a cathedral, but it was fingertip length. I loved that it was edged in lace. Will this bring back traditional veils?

I expected the tiara to be taller. If I was the Princess To Be, I'd want to wear the tallest tiara in the vault. Maybe tiara height is based on protocol or royal rank, you think? It's a Cartier tiara, given to Queen Elizabeth by her mother on her 18th birthday, so there is a big family tradition to the tiara. Just heard it was 42 carats of diamonds. I thought it was understated, yet perfect with the dress.

I also expected the flower bouquet to be bigger. I thought she'd be carrying flowers that extended almost to the hem of her gown. It was as if everything Kate choose was compact and uber traditional. It worked perfectly.

Pippa,her sister, wore white. Gasp! The dress was modest, with a draped cowl neck, short cap sleeves trimmed in lace, buttons up the back and figure hugging silhouette that was quite sexy looking. I liked it!

And the groom.....I am sure Diana is smiling down proudly. Wow, so handsome in his uniform. He reminds me of the prince on the Palace of Riches video slot machine.

The Queen looked sunny in her yellow coat and hat. Camilla looked matronly, as expected. Kate's mother looked beautiful like her daughters. I wonder if they remove their hats at the reception. Anyone know?

Prince Philip creeps me out. Why doesn't the royal barber tame down his eyebrows? He looks so fierce. You can never tell if he's happy or totally annoyed.

And what the heck were Prince Andrew's and Fergie's daughters thinking with the strange dresses and hats? I've never seen a hat with a donut in front and a foot tall structured bow perched on top of it. I expected it to twirl. Those gals needed a stylist. Maybe it was a statement....you should have invited our mother. Wonder what Fergie is doing today?

The royal kiss....a quick peck, a second quick kiss. For gawds sake, dip her and plant one on her! OMG, loved the flower girl on the balcony who covered her ears during the royal fly by. So cute!

None of us will be privy to the reception. Will Kate wear another dress for the reception? Will William change into something less formal? Did her parents high five each other that their daughter married well and they barely had to pay for the extravaganza wedding? Will Kate's wedding dress bring back more traditional wedding dresses? Inquiring minds want to know. I wish the couple only the best, despite living life in a fishbowl.

Send comments, love to hear your impressions!

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