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Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding Hats, From the Sublime to the Ridiculous

Royal wedding hats worn by royalty and guests at the wedding of William and Kate. Some are cute, some are ridiculous, some are just fun.  My other was not only a dress designer, but a milliner and she has some hats in her collection that would rival these babies.  I love the idea of hats, I don't see them being worn a lot in the USA for weddings, but you never know.  How fun!

Bigger IS better.

Reminds me of a Vogue ad from the last century, very 50's glam.

Worn by a guest, probably in the crowd, my favorite! 

David and Victoria Beckam, looking amazing!  Check out the hot platform shoes.  Love them!

Camilla, looking like Camilla.

Not only is the Queen smiling, she has on some amazing jewelry.  I think she looks stunning in yellow!

Princess Anne looking like she's wearing a flower garden.

Get a stylist stat!

Fergie and Andrew's daughters, both princesses, looking like they are dressed for a costume party.                                 WTF is that beige donut bow?

The prime minister and his wife, I LOVE her red fascinator!


  1. cool hats...some r indeed ridiculous :)

  2. I love the comment, "Stylist Stat!" regarding Beatrice and Eugenie's hats. To me they look like the animated version of Cinderella's step sisters!

  3. I remember wearing the most ridiculous hat to the ascot races with my grandfather, SO fun though!

    deanna christine