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Monday, November 28, 2011

Buy Small Saturday Should Be Buy Small Everyday!

Saturday was Buy Small Saturday where shoppers were encouraged to make at least one purchase from a small business.  I say EVERYDAY should be buy small day.  Our small businesses are the backbone of the American economy.  The money you spend at a small business goes directly into the local economy, it doesn't go overseas, it doesn't go into the corporate money world and it doesn't go into a fat cat's wallet.  The taxes they collect from small businesses (and they are numerous) go into the local schools, streets, fire, police, etc.

For three decades I was a small business person, I ran the family bridal shop.  Small businessmen eat, sleep and breathe their business 24/7.  When you deal with a small business, they remember your name.   You get personalized service and you get great deals.   The money you spend is appreciated.   When was the last time you walked into a big box store and were greeted warmly and thanked warmly?   You are lucky if someone even looks up at you when they hand you the change.

I felt like I was part of the local community and providing jobs for people who needed jobs and weren't able to work the rigid corporate hours, but desperately needed work.

"Jenny" was a single parent  who's fiance left her in the hospital after the birth of their child.  She was living with her grandmother.  She also needed the flexibility to call off if her child was sick.  Today, she has her own place, paid off her furniture, drives a new car and volunteers in the community.  Her child is an honor student who helps mom do community work.

"Mrya" was 70 something divorced woman who couldn't make her house payment and buy groceries on  her pension.  No one would hire her because of her age, but she was a punctual, capable and experienced.  She was able to finish paying off her house so she could live on her pension.

"Candy" was a mother of four whose husband's job was downsized.  They couldn't live on unemployment and public assistance and he couldn't find a job.   She was able to feed and keep the roof over the family until he found work.   

Countless college students working their way through college who now are employed in their field.

Before you run to the big box store to make a purchase, check out the local independent shops.  Before you hit the big box bridal store, check your local bridal salon. They will remember your name.  You'll find better deals, higher quality and personalized service. Your dress won't look like thousands of other wedding dresses. Sounds like a win/win situation to me! 

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  1. Good point, I also believe that every Saturday should be small business day. I'm sure that would make a difference in peoples lives.