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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Royal Wedding Predictions and What the Heck is In the Queen's Handbag?

Are you going to clip on your fascinator or tiara, brew a cup of tea  and watch the royal wedding?  As a wedding blogger, I am obligated to watch so I can critique the wedding and look for wedding trends that will be the buzz of the wedding world.  I've tried to avoid all the pre-wedding hype, but its unavoidable.  The royal wedding is on every news and entertainment program.  All the newscasters get excited when they talk about the wedding.....they aren't invited, they aren't related to the couple.  I don't get it. 

I turned on the Today show and they featured Kate's childhood home.  I'd only had one cup of coffee, so I was only marginally interested.  Actually, I confess, I've only been marginally interested in the entire wedding festivities.  I am interested in Kate's wedding dress because I am obsessed with wedding dresses.  And I'm also interested in seeing what Camill-er will be wearing.  (Where is the R in Camilla???)  The Queen's tiara will captivate me as I am easily distracted by shiny objects. The tiara is real, people....real priceless gems.  Now that's interesting and fascinates me.   And speaking of the Queen, what does she keep in her handbag?  She holds on to it in public like it holds the keys to the royal jewels and all the castles.  Here's my guess:  smart phone so she can play Angry Birds, cigarettes, dog treats and a pair of scissors for ribbon cuttings.   What's your guess? 

My royal wedding predictions:
  •  Humongous hats and fascinators worn by the female guests.  In the USA, we can only liken it to the hats worn at the Kentucky Derby. 
  •  I have no doubt that China will have copies of Kate's dress ready to ship by Monday morning.  It's what they do, it happened when Charles married Diana.  Diana's dress was in great demand, minus the mile long train, but lets face it, no one wore it like Diana.  
  • The flowers will be lavish and over the top.  I'm thinking monotone white flowers, like lilies, roses, gardenias and lots of greenery.   Diana did gardenias, they may be included in her memory. 
  • The bride will be uber thin, nervous, smiling and carrying a large bouquet.  
  • I am thinking veil versus hat, with a long veil as long veils are cathedral length and its being held in a cathedral.  I'm also going with tiara, after all, when you marry into a family with real gem tiaras, you want to wear one every chance you get.  A girl can never have too many tiaras, especially if they are real.  The tiara will be her something borrowed.  

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