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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Unusual Wedding Cakes

I've always collected pictures of unusual wedding cakes. Here are some of my latest pictures, some are strange, some weird and some just very unusual and pretty. I love the way couples are expressing themselves in their cake. It makes the wedding more interesting, but they are not for everyone. Definitely the sushi cake would not be for me. Check them out. :)

Animal print!

An angel or Fairy cake.

The mother or all wedding cakes, the bride duplicated herself and her dress in a wedding cake. 

Wonder what he's wearing under the kilt?

Literary cake.

That's some serious cake!

Doing the happy dance!

A sushi wedding cake, no..... really!

One of my personal favorites!

A can can wedding cake.

A burger cake.

Who invited Mario to the wedding? 

Someone needs a ten step program stat!

Van Gogh wedding cake.

The entire family in cake.
Scrabble cake.

A real wedding cake!

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