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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Hot Styling for Curvy Brides, Gorgeous Plus Size Wedding Dresses!

Curvy brides, embrace your curves and be the hottest bride walking down the aisle.   He loves your curves....so find a wedding dress that makes you look like the hot babe that you are!  Bonny Bridals has been designing plus size dresses under their Unforgettable line that are stylish, flattering and just totally gorgeous! 

 Plus size dresses used to be unflattering, boxy and tent like.  They were dresses designed for the mannequin body that were enlarged for size and they just didn't work on a girl with curves. The arm holes were too big or too small, the bust line either smushed down the breasts or hung out far enough  to carry the contents of your everyday handbag. (It was enough to make a seamstress sob).   The waistline was too high. They were just wrong, wrong, wrong. Along comes Bonny who understands that women have curves and have designed wedding dresses that show off the curves and hide what we want hidden. They fit REAL women! And they have STYLE!! 

Check them out: Bonny Unforgettable. Then head to your local bridal salon and try them on. Bonny makes great dresses that fit well, are a great quality and are priced very well.  I sold Bonny dresses for years and I can say this: I never had a Bonny dress come in with a problem...not one bead out of place, no marks on the fabric, no wrong sizing, etc. You won't be sorry you bought a Bonny.

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