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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Should Your Dog Be In Your Wedding?

If you are a dog person, like me, someone probably has jokingly mentioned having your dog in the wedding.  If you and your fiance are serious dog parents, the thought may have crossed your mind.  Or are you one of those people who just cannot fathom getting married without their best friend present?

People do include their pets in the wedding.  We once had to make a middle aged bride who brought her dog to every one of her dress fittings.  She'd say "Do you love Momma's dress?"  He wagged his tail, so we considered it a doggie thumbs up. Or paws up.   She had a garland of flowers made for the dogs neck to match her bouquet and her fiance's boutinere.  The dog followed her down the aisle and stood between her and the groom. The wedding was at a country club.  The bride and groom walked around the reception with the dog on a leash that was encircled in fresh flowers.  As screwy as it sounded, it looked very cool in the pictures.

Another couple had their daughter, the flower girl, pull their dog down the aisle in a flower draped wagon.  It was adorable watching her little face as she concentrated on her job. The dog sat still the entire time.

I attended a cousins wedding where the dog was the best man.  It was a bohemian wedding  in a church on a lake.  It was picture perfect on the outside.  On the inside...well....it was different.  The officiant was a throwback hippie with his long hair in a ponytail and a necklace with both a cross and a peace sign.   The groom was barefoot in a tux jacket over jeans.  The dog had a big bow on his neck and followed the groom around.  The bride was barefoot in a traditional wedding dress. The bride's mom, and not the dog, stole the show. She wore the top of a white bikini swimsuit with a lace shirt jacket that was open over white 1960's hip hugger polyester bell bottom pants.  She wore a crown of fresh flowers and shiny gold flip flops.  Seriously.   I thought I was going to pass out when she was escorted down the aisle. I didn't know if I should laugh or cry....I laughed, I snickered and I snorted, FYI.  So having a dog as the best man didn't seem all that unusual at this point.   The dog was well behaved.  I don't  how or if  he signed the marriage certificate as the best man.   I only wish I could find the pictures. 

So before you plan for your dog to be a part of the wedding, ask if the church, venue, etc. will allow your pet on the premises.  Some will welcome your pet, others will not.  Even if you are having an outdoor wedding, check first.

Will your pet behave?  Will your pet be scared by all the people, commotion, festivities?  Will your pet bark, run amok or, God forbid, potty during the wedding?  Will you have a pet wrangler to care for your pet during the wedding or if the dog misbehaves or is scared? 

I've never had a dog that wouldn't freak out or behave well enough to take part in a wedding.  Even thought my pets have always listened and behaved like little angels (cough, cough) at home, in public....not.  My little Annie would cling and have to be carried down the aisle while she whimpered. But she'd be so darn cute!

My Annie is a 7 pound ball of happy, but definitely not wedding attendant or guest material.

If your pet passes the tests, then you need to outfit your baby in style for the wedding.  I found these on Etsy.

What a sweet face and she's loving the look. 

How cute is this dog with her wedding fascinator? She sure rocks the look.   

Look at that face!  Makes you want to kiss him on the nose! Burlap ring bearer bow tie by 
Occasions by Sarah on Etsy. 

 Both of these cuties have personality plus showing through their pics and they are both styling their bow ties for the wedding.   Both are by Charlie Hearts Diesel on Etsy.

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